Our wide variety of services and broad knowledge in this field make us a one-stop shop that offers exceptional service. With our comprehensive workshop network and excellent working relationships, we are able to do even major repairs within a few hours.

Diesel Technicians And Mechanics

We have a 24/6 Workshop that deals with:

Trailer Mechanics

We can service your trailer in our 24/6 Workshop

This includes:

Tyre Bay

Our tyre bay also operate 24/6 and handles:

Inspection Bay

We have a full Technobrake system and inspection pit for:

Boiler Making

In the 24/6 boiler making workshop we:

Panel Beating and Spray Painting

We are open six days a week to do major and minor accident repairs.

We have a fully dustproof spraying booth and a mixing room with our own paint matching facilities.

Wash Bay

Our wash bay operates 24 hours a day, keeping the fleet spotless. The insides of cabs, bins, trailers, the outside of the trucks, as well as the tarpaulins are cleaned.

As a company that pursues sustainability, we make use of a water-recycling plant and harvest rainwater to operate the wash bay.

Breakdown Service


The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment framework has been set as a guideline to develop a holistic and integrated strategy. The goal is to ensure that both staff and communities benefit through the implementation of our BEE policy.